Some people are worth melting for writing activity for preschool

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Some people are worth melting for writing activity for preschool

We know language development is almost complete by the time children go to school. We know they learn how to get along with other kids, they learn how to line up and be able to find the bathroom in a school and we know that they learn things about the world, about math and shapes and letters and numbers, all of which roll into the skills that they walk into on that first day of kindergarten that make a big difference when they start school.

Some people think that being three or four is too young for starting school and, really, what we know is that almost every child receives some kind of schooling in the years before they really go to school when they turn five and go to kindergarten.

Back to Top Benefits of preschool Formal settings can be a little more beneficial for a lot of children at three and four because the learning that they can acquire in those settings can be a little more concentrated and can be a little more tailored to the kinds some people are worth melting for writing activity for preschool skills that are going to be better aligned with what they need to perform in kindergarten.

However, what we know is that every child who goes to preschool tends to benefit from it in one way or another.

some people are worth melting for writing activity for preschool

So the social benefits of preschool are there for all kids regardless of income and the kind of skills they bring into preschool and the learning benefits. So adults are the vehicle, if you will, by which children get engaged in literacy. Adults promote the kind of interests in language and interest in deriving meaning from language and meaning from print that children need in order to be able to successfully learn how to read.

And adults are the people who are engaged in some of the painstakingly difficult and challenging ways to help children learn what is a tough code.

Adults in many ways provide the motivation for children to learn how to read, they provide the basic language skills for children to understand the importance of language and meaning, and then they provide those very specific skills about decoding.

And for many children it almost looks as if it does happen automatically. That can happen when the child gets registered and start that early It can happen- a lot of schools use newsletters.

But a lot of times for some parents that may involve a reaching out that involves visiting the parent in the home and talking about the child.

We always encourage teachers and preschool providers to make a contact with parents about the child that conveys something positive about that child, something positive that teacher or the school has learned about that child.

And we find that that really is a terrific starting point for that kind of conversation about the child that can be supportive. And, actually, you know, we know now that early childhood education is really the great melting pot in American right now because so many different language backgrounds and cultural backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds are represented in our programs for young children.

Back to Top What to look for in a good preschool If a parent is looking for an ideal preschool environment for their child, one of the first things they really ought to do is visit those environments and actually look in the classrooms and the places where children will spend time.

some people are worth melting for writing activity for preschool

And when they visit those classrooms, what they should see first are a whole assortment of activities and materials that are enjoyable for children to engage with. But the adults in that environment ought to be participating in activities with children.

And when the adults are participating in those activities with children, the parent ought to see the children enjoying that participation and enjoying the activity.

They should see children comfortable with being close to that teacher. That the teacher matters to the children is important. And so you would want to see the adults moving around to different groups of children. So is this a teacher that conveys a sense of warmth in her interactions with kids?

Also in those kind of environments we can see elements of what we call instructional support. We look at the quality of feedback that teachers provide the children when the children are learning. And look that it has four legs. And what else has four legs? And we can-we can observe those in classrooms.

Back to Top The interaction between teacher and child is key Everyone is interested in the quality of preschool.

But when we talk about preschool, we often talk about quality. And there are a lot of different features of programs that people talk about when they talk about quality. Back to Top The importance of play One of the key features about preschool education and really childhood education more generally is that we often talk about the importance of play in those learning environments and the role that play actually does play in helping promote learning.

And play is an essential feature. Back to Top Testing in pre-K? And this is probably, in part, a consequence of the accountability movement in K education. And so testing plays a role in understanding whether early childhood education is having the desired affects that the public would like.

The controversy really is about how hard it is to test kids. What are the skills? Back to Top Are the kids on track? One of the most important features of early childhood education and I think one of the things that we hope we do well when we train early childhood educators, we train teachers, is a deep knowledge of child development and when you have a deep knowledge of child development so that you know how language development tracks through from kids who are two to kids who are six, and you know how cognitive development tracks and social development tracks.

It allows you as a teacher the opportunity to almost informally assess children on a continual basis so that you can make even more of those interactions that you have with children on a day-to-day basis. Back to Top The value of early screening One of the important features of assessment that can be conducted with children that are three and four years old is a feature we call screening.

And, again, if you have a lot of children moving into preschool programs and on into school, one of the functions that those preschool programs can do is kind of screen for children who need more intensive help or might have a disability in a certain particular area and need some support, or even families who might need some support around that disability.

So most of what we look for in these kind of screening devices are ways in which children can be kind of identified on the basis of some key indicators or red flags, if you will, and follow it up with more individual, in-depth assessments.How to Make a Color Mixing Sensory Bottle We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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