Reaction paper on malaria

The device performs multiple steps like breaking open cells, extracting nucleic acids and copying the strands for detection.

Reaction paper on malaria

MMS is a well known quack product of which dangerous people claim it can cure diseases like cancer, HIV, hepatitis, avian flue and also malaria. There is no scientific evidence for any of the health claims made by MMS proponents. The following video was produced by Leo Koehofwho has translated several books of Jim Humble, the inventor of the MMS myths, and was uploaded to YouTube by Andreas Kalckera German living in Spain and also well known for spreading all kinds of quackery.

Watch the video, but be aware that the voice-over is trying to make you believe something which did not actually happen as told.

Malaria quick test used for the deception The Red Cross statements do not explain why we see people in uniforms of the Ugandan Red Cross Society or what did actually took place in Luuka. Has a test been done which was deliberately misrepresented by the makers of the video?

I think so and I guess that Koehof and Kalcker try to deceive the audience in the following way. It is quite useless in malaria endemic areas, because people are likely to have been infected by Reaction paper on malaria more than once and the antibodies not long before the test and the antigens will be circulating in the blood for quite a while after infection has been overcome.

The only proper way to determine whether someone is infected, is to take a blood slide and count parasites under a microscope. My guess is that they only did this proper test on the second day.

Screenshot from the video turned. Is there any evidence that the positive quick test was confirmed by a blood slide? After more discussion the comments were closed. Could this mean that I am on the right track a bit too much for the comfort of Kalcker c.

The registration form on the right around 7. And besides all this, we do not know anything about other real medication the participants took. However suggesting that it proves that MMS cures malaria could be very dangerous if this myth is spread widely!

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Malaria expert Bart Knols wrote a blog on Malaria World on this issue as well. Quote from that blog: Is Africa still being used as a play ground for testing dubious drugs on innocent people expecting proper treatment? Dear Mr van Erp, We dissociate ourselves from any content of any of these publications regarding possible activities in Uganda.

Stupid conspiracy theories, which were to be expected from this sect like organisations, or is there some truth to this? I could be however that Koehof and Kalcker have tricked him into this somehow and try to make it look like he is far more involved than is actually the case.

I had also urged Proesmans in my e-mail to make a public statement on the WRC website explaining his involvement and in doing so help in putting an end to this potentially dangerous rumour. On another website a email from him was quoted, in which he suggests that this was all about looking for the general?

But why on earth would you use chlorine dioxide to purify already clean bottled water, as can been seen used in the video? He was quite shocked by the information I had send him. Obviously the board of the WRC was not aware of any involvement in this trial and Koornstra made it very clear to me that the WRC Board does not want to have anything to do with a trial using such an obvious quack product.

He let me know that he will try to find out what happened. At this moment it seems to me that Proesmans acted entirely upon his own and without consulting others of the WRC. A malaria trial looks rather distinct from the activities presented on the WRC website.

Klaas Proesmans l and Leo Koehof r. Visiting the National Drug Administration in Uganda? He had those connections due to his work for the Water Reference Center. Bulanda to conduct a test after they provided evidence that sodium chlorite was essential for human health.

They got this evidence after talks with the National Drug Authority and the local water provider, who would testify that sodium chloride is essential for … water purification. After several weeks of negotiating the test details with Red Cross representatives, they went to Luuka and did what we see in the video.When someone with a high fever walks into a rural African clinic, diagnosis could be murky.

The symptoms could be those of dengue, Ebola, West Nile disease, malaria or flu, and blood work results. Malaria Consortium's seasonal malaria chemoprevention program is one of our top-rated charities and we believe that it offers donors an outstanding opportunity to accomplish good with their donations..

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Reaction paper on malaria

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A YouTube video being spread on the Internet in four different languages, claims that a successful trial has been conducted using Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) as a cure for malaria. The trial allegedly has been organized in cooperation with the Ugandan Red Cross Society and the Water Reference Center, in Uganda, December last is a well known quack product of which dangerous people.

Malaria prevention consists of a combination of mosquito avoidance measures and chemoprophylaxis. Although very efficacious, none of the recommended interventions are % effective. Current issues dealing with the government and political situation in Ethiopia, as well as human rights, freedom of the press and the future of Ethiopia and its people.

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