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Promotion of cadbury

Cycling and the Justice System Do you have any suggestions on the way in which the current approach to development and maintenance of road signs and infrastructure impacts the safety of cyclists and other vulnerable road users?

How could it be improved? In our report we felt that the Promotion of cadbury has made progress in deregulating street design to accommodate ongoing innovations in cycle provisions, but further progress is still required around simplifying many aspects of street design, particularly the layout of pedestrian and cycle crossings.

This should be complemented by an improvement in the overall quality Promotion of cadbury cycle infrastructure being implemented across England. To do so, the Government should consolidate recent good practice changes in infrastructure design from cities that have invested in good quality cycle facilities, and endorse a single set of national design standards.

Better quality cycle facilities — clearly segregated from pedestrians and motorised vehicles — will not only improve the safety of cyclists, it will also reduce the concerns associated with perceived poor cycling behaviour.

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The report identified a problem with the confluence of design and road traffic law: The report explains that changes to the Highway Code accompanied with changes to the way traffic signal control operates would improve the feeling of safety for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as releasing junction capacity in urban areas.

In our report we recommended that the Department for Transport should implement Part 6 of the Traffic Management Actto allow local authorities to enforce mandatory cycle lanes and other moving traffic offences without needing to require police resources. This has still not been accomplished.

The evidence presented to us in our various reports have reiterated that the only way to achieve good infrastructure for walking and cycling is to ensure that there is sustained, dedicated funding, ring-fenced for active travel schemes.

Aligned with this, we feel that additional funding from the proceeds of future growth is required to ensure that local road network is better maintained to ensure the safety and comfort of cyclists. Road defects are a major source of danger to cyclists, and is associated with 22 deaths of cyclists in the last ten years, as well as serious injuries.

For the justice system to function, it requires a wider public understanding of and support for the law. This applies to all road users, including cyclists.

From the evidence given to us from the police, from other witnesses, and from the public, it appears that there is a widespread misunderstanding of traffic law on how to drive around cyclists, and a failure of the driver education system to evolve in step with changes in cycling infrastructure and numbers of cyclists.

Evidence given to us from the general public in particular emphasised that improving driver behaviour and designing better road infrastructure must go hand in hand. The Highway Code is also fundamental to assisting vulnerable road users with obtaining justice under civil law.

The ambiguities and divided responsibilities expressed in the Code lie at the heart of the problems some cyclists find when attempting to secure compensation in the event of a collision. The Code must be clear that those with the greatest capacity to cause harm be the ones on whom responsibility to take care ultimately rests.

In our report we made the following recommendation to Government: The Highway Code should be revised to give clearer priority to cyclists and other vulnerable road usersparticularly with regard to the issue of close overtaking and the need to give way to cyclists and pedestrians at side road crossings, which would support the introduction of new cycling infrastructure.

Driver disqualification An issue raised by several witnesses in our inquiry in was the infrequent use of the penalty of driver disqualification for those who have been found guilty of traffic offences.

Currently disqualification is obligatory for a range of serious offences, ranging from those causing death, to dangerous driving and a mandatory 12 month ban for driving whilst under the influence.

It can also be imposed as a penalty in summary offences, such as careless driving. As RoadPeace told us, levels of disqualification for these obligatory offences have been dropping: Disqualification is also required for drivers who accumulate more than 11 penalty points within a three year period.

RoadPeace also pointed out to us in oral evidence that the total number of endorsements for mobile phone use has halved in the last 5 years, while only 33 out of 15, drivers taken to court were banned outright for using their mobile phone.

Promotion of cadbury

The driving demerit system operates by giving offenders chances to redeem their behaviour before the sanction of disqualification is imposed. By offering yet another chance the system risks losing its effectiveness in modifying behaviour.

Promotion of cadbury

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