Obsessions on the movie othello

Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.

Obsessions on the movie othello

He is a loud-mouthed and sarcastic parrot that served as Jafar 's henchman during the latter's attempt to rule Agrabah. Iago's primary obsessions are riches and fame, which—coupled with his hatred for the Sultan 's crackers—motivated his villainous acts. Iago's role expanded significantly over the course of the franchise.

The most notable example is the direct-to-video sequel The Return of Jafarin which Iago reformed and joined Aladdin and Jasmine as an anti-hero.

Contents [ show ] Background Iago's past is mostly shrouded in mystery. However, it has been hinted at a few times. In " Fowl Weather ", he mentions that he once lived in the rainforest, but did not enjoy its unpredictable weather, prompting him to move to the desert.

Screenwriter Terry Rossio shared a concept behind Iago on his website Wordplayin that Jafar took all his emotions and transferred them into his parrot, leaving him free of distractions and thus more able to conjure magic.

Rossio also mentioned, since Iago is too small for so many emotions to be bottled up inside, "you end up with a feathered Gilbert Gottfried. When first introduced as the loyal follower of Jafar, he appears to be just as evil and cruel as his superior—being uncaring, murderous, deceitful, and cunning.

However, Iago is the more aggressive of the two, as well as the more vocal and easily-frustrated. He has a difficult time keeping his opinions to himself, and has a habit of shouting and ranting on about his annoyances, when things don't go as planned.

Like Jafar, Iago craves power; the thought of having control over the city and more specifically, the Sultanis what seemingly drives his motivations throughout the original film.

Iago cared nothing for those he would have to eliminate to obtain power, and openly expressed his desire to have both Jasmine and the Sultan killed once he and Jafar were in control of the kingdom; sadistically cackling at the very idea. He also seems to hate crackers which is not what you would normally expect for a parrotwhich the Sultan—apparently being completely unaware of Iago's distaste for them—often fed him directly to the mouth, which also acted as the main reason why he aided Jafar in his treacherous ambitions against the Sultan in the first film.

Upon Jafar becoming both the Sultan and the most powerful sorcerer on the planet, one of Iago's first actions was exacting revenge against the Sultan by constantly force-feeding him the same crackers he was fed by the Sultan, with the Sultan unable to fight back due to being hung up like a marionette, showing a vengeful side to the parrot.

It's implied in Return Of Jafar that his hatred of crackers stemmed from a particularly bad experience at a bazaar where he, ironically, did indeed squawk "Polly want a cracker! Despite his highly antagonistic nature in the original film, The Return of Jafar shows a different side to Iago; one capable of growth and reformation.

The film implies that Iago's harsh attitude and villainous actions were partially displayed due to a lack of respect and appreciation over the course of his lifetime.

Obsessions on the movie othello

Even as Jafar's partner, Iago faced abuse and neglect, which would eventually lead to the downfall of their relationship. As an opportunist, Iago cunningly used Aladdin's caring nature to weasel his way back into the palace, though it was the latter's genuine compassion that first sparked a change in Iago's character.

He was shocked and touched by the prospect of anyone treating him with care and compassion. Throughout the course of the film, Aladdin and Jasmine became increasingly accepting towards Iago, even going as far as to welcoming him back into the palace despite his attacks against them previously.

Obsessions on the movie othello

This would result in Iago feeling guilt and reciprocated care for the couple, and their allies, prompting him to betray Jafar and risk his life for his new companions, despite coming dangerously close to death in the process. Following Return of Jafar, Iago has come to understand what must be done to truly earn respect and love: From that moment on, he would remain a loyal ally to Aladdin and Jasmine.“Othello”, a play written by great William Shakespeare emphasized the three obsessions.

These obsessions took an immense role in the story wherein it serves as the root of chaos. These obsessions took an immense role in the story wherein it serves as the root of chaos. Othello Analysis Essay examples Words 5 Pages The tragedy of Othello, written by William Shakespeare, presents the main character Othello, as a respectable, honorable, and dignified man, but because of his insecurities and good nature, he is easily taken advantage of and manipulated by his peers and alleged friends.

A summary of Themes in William Shakespeare's Othello. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Othello and what it means. isolating his victims so that they fall prey to their own obsessions.

At the same time, Iago, of necessity always standing apart, falls prey to his own obsession with revenge. 60 Young Adult. Feb 20,  · How does this video compare to other YouTube videos you watched this week?

The True Nature of Obsession (Othello, Endless Love and Damoyre) The true nature of obsession manipulates a person’s character, forcing them to act in unusual . What others are saying "The Out-of-Towners film starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn.

The movie is a remake of a film by the same name; the original version, written by Neil Simon, starred Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis".

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