Investigating travel and tourism sector

Factors and Their Effects Tourism development and promotion are co-ordinated by public sector bodies, such as tourist boards and local councils. Visit Wales, for example, is the national tourist board that uses public money to invest in tourist facilities in the country and promote Wales as a holiday destination to UK and overseas visitors. The development and promotion of tourism in the UK is mostly undertaken by organisations in the public sector such as Visit Britain.

Investigating travel and tourism sector

Investigating Tourism Destination Competitiveness: The Case of Kenya | Angela Kabiru -

Ajouter au liste de veux 1. At least three of each should be reviewed. These should be of significance to what is happening in the travel and tourism sector today and should not be related to trends and factors that were significant more than five years ago.

For example, learners could select the weak pound against the Euro as a factor linked to a decrease in travel to Europe as a trend, recent scares in relation to pandemics as a factor, the increase in independent bookings of flights and holidays as a trend.

Note that for P5 learners should describe the trends and factors that are currently affecting the travel and tourism sector; how they are affecting the sector will be assessed within M2.

Investigating travel and tourism sector

For example, inthe weak pound against the Euro proved to be expensive for people holidaying in the Euro Zone and encouraged UK tourists to holiday at home or in other parts of the world where the pound was stronger.

This in turn had an effect on passenger numbers into Europe and had a negative impact on some low cost carriers. The work for M2 must be up to date and will change year on year during the life of this qualification.

Learners must demonstrate that they are able to link recent and current developments, trends and factors to what is happening in the sector today and provide clear explanations with justification that should include supporting statistics.

For D2, learners are required to analyse how travel and tourism organisations are responding to changing trends and factors.


Learners should select two organisations from the travel and tourism component industries and analyse how changes have impacted on their operations and how effectively they have responded. For example, there has been a decline in sales for both air travel and package holidays with increased interest in the domestic tourism market, and many UK seaside destinations have tried to rebrand themselves in order to attract this new interest.

Some tour operators have created domestic packages. The evaluations should be detailed and supported with factual and statistical evidence and illustrated with examples.Tourism is travel for pleasure or business; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, It also generates opportunities for employment in the service sector of the economy associated with tourism.

Many organisations in the travel and tourism sector offer the same or similar products and services, and it is often the quality of the customer service which distinguishes one from another. Travel and tourism organisations realise that consistently high standards of customer service will ensure.

Unit 1: Investigating for travel and tourism industry Collection by Joseph Thompson Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of how the sector has developed over the last 50 years, what it is today and how it is being affected by current trends and factors.

THE IMPACT OF EXPECTATION DISCONFIRMATION ON INVESTIGATING ONLINE TRAVEL AND TOURISM SERVICES ALEXANDER SERENKO FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY [email protected] of the online travel and tourism sector, particularly the appearance of large online travel companies, has intro-.

Unit 1 Investigating The Travel & Tourism Industry Lesson Objectives: Describe what the Travel & Tourism Industry is Explain why people travel Define the 3 types of Tourism.

This research provides an empirical contribution by studying the tourism sector as an example of a service industry and investigating the relative importance of the factors that determine the different levels of web adoption by SMEs in the context of a developing country.

Investigating travel and tourism sector
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