How to write a recommendation letter for a colleague of johns

Pat McNees and Debbie Brodsky talk about what personal histories are, and what personal historians do, and why Tell your story now. But you can either run from it, or learn from it. When Sting did this, his creativity was reborn.

How to write a recommendation letter for a colleague of johns

Falling Diphthong It seems like a call for Letter Man. LouiseM March 21, at 9: Why would this be spam? EddieSherbert March 21, at 9: I had someone apply for an internship who had an old Twitter account with A LOT of rapey and misogynistic tweets from like Blackcat March 21, at 9: But I also selectively post publicly when I have a new paper or want to engage in a scholarly conversation which is totally possible.

I also post articles about teaching publicly. So someone who finds me would see a curated professional page. Someone from my research community that friends me would see slightly more, and an actual friend gets the whole shebang.

One page, multiple uses. No regular person I know allows anyone to see their pictures without first requesting to follow. Alton March 21, at JustCurious March 21, at Blue Anne I have the same setup and the same thoughts.

Littlelionlass March 21, at Tessa Ryan March 21, at I keep my facebook locked down pretty tight, and use only my first and middle name for all my social media. I now have friends on Facebook from work, but when I was job hunting I made darn sure that when you googled my name only previous internship stuff came up.

Alton I wish I could do this, but I go by my middle name professionally and personally, so my options are more limited.

AKchic March 21, at I am happy to lock my profile s down. My social media accounts are just that — mine. They are hiring my work life. Jess P Why would that limit you, Alton? Just use ANY name: Ex-Academic, Future Accountant March 21, at Of course, I never had to prove my name when I first created my account more than 10 years ago, but Facebook was very different then.

Lindsay J March 21, at I looked at it the other day because I was curious, and because I knew that they said they would be making changes after they had the issues with the drag performers and with native american names.

how to write a recommendation letter for a colleague of johns

And with the nicknames, you can include the nickname, just not in place of your real name. Most of my friends are teachers, and a large number of them go by first-middle to try and avoid being found by students.

My little brother has had the name of a Game of Thrones house as his last name for several years, which, again, is in violation of the TOS nobody has reported him either. Ex-Academic, Future Accountant March 21, at 1: Just idly thinking about going slightly more anonymous. Alton March 21, at 2: VictorianCowgirl March 21, at 5: So, just changing your name is not enough.

I now run NoScript and am very careful on the internet just browsing, and have no FB.Customers feed back. Before you use or order, you may wish to know what other users have said about our product.

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