Check and challenge

Sign in or register to use the online service. This service applies to England only. Business rates appeals are handled differently in WalesScotland and Northern Ireland. If any of the factual details about your property or land are incorrect, you the owner, occupier or authorised agent need to let the VOA know.

Check and challenge

To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. This publication is available at https: Check and challenge allows businesses to check the facts held about their property and view their valuation details before deciding whether to challenge their valuation.

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This minimises uncertainty, ensuring businesses reach a resolution quicker. It also Check and challenge uncertainty for local authorities who have to set aside money to cover potential appeals.

The check stage sets out exactly how a valuation has been calculated. It will show the owner or occupier the facts that we have used, and allow them to update them if any have changed, or confirm them as correct. This will mean that everyone understands and agrees the set of facts underlying any valuation.

If these facts change significantly, the valuation can be amended at this stage if necessary. The challenge stage allows people to challenge the valuation if they feel the calculation done on the basis of the facts established at check is incorrect. Ratepayers or their agents will provide the full evidence for their challenge, giving the Valuation Office Agency VOA the opportunity to resolve the issue without the need for an appeal.

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VOA will present the full evidence to support their decision. Sign in or register to use the online service. Our aim is to ensure the service works effectively for all our customers, whether they have one business property, or many.

Since we launched last year, we have added a number of new features and improvements, including: Read more about group pre-challenge reviews. The agent will need separate logins for each assistant account they are given. The organisation giving the agent the assistant account is responsible for granting and controlling their access to their account.

We are working towards this, with the development of application programming interfaces, or APIs.

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APIs allow users of our service to integrate their applications, or software, with ours. This means they can extract and provide information directly through their own systems.

The estates manager of a large company could, for example, view all the properties claimed by their organisation on the check and challenge service through their own operating system, if they have created a connection using an API.

It works in the same way as apps on your phone. The APIs are of most interest to software developers of customers, or their agents, who are managing a portfolio of properties.

Between now and Septemberwe will be releasing a series of APIs, which will enable linking to specific functions within our check and challenge service: We will be making the registration process for the check and challenge service easier, bringing in changes that address the issues raised by our customers.


System generated messages to our customers auto-correspondence will help meet both these targets. Making the challenge part of the customer journey digital is one of our key aims. Contents Is this page useful?Nov 12,  · We've created this brand new forums to post all of your Cathe and fitness related check-ins and challenges.

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Check and challenge

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Check and challenge

~~See user submitted solutions for this challenge ~~ Challenges. User Contributed Challenges. On 1st of April a new business rates appeal process system was introduced in England known as the check, challenge and appeal (CCA).

The VOA (Valuation Office Agency) is the administrative body which deals with checks and challenges; whereas, appeals are . The Gut Check Challenge shrine quest is located in northeastern Hyrule, north of Death Mountain and Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

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