Butler lumber case

Draw up a Fund Flow Statement, I. BAL needs to borrow money from the bank to take benefit of the purchase discounts. During the last two years, BAL had taken very few purchase discounts cause of the shortage of funds arising from his purchase of Starks interest in the business and other additional investments.

Butler lumber case

Butler lumber case

Though this case requires the financial analysis of the company, we should also consider other factors such as the establishing the long-term relationship between the bank and Butler Lumber Company.

Additionally, the bank should consider other qualitative factors such as in this case, Butler Lumber has just been incorporated and it is located in a growing suburb of a large city.

This represents a growth potential in which the Northrup National Bank could cross sell products. Other qualitative factors may affect the main revenue drivers for the Butler Lumber Company.

For example, general economic slowdown may slowdown the rate of increase in sales but it may be protected to some extent from the fluctuations in new housing construction because of the relatively high proportion of its repair business.

The company operations were limited to the retail distribution of lumber products in the local area. These Butler lumber case Plywood, moldings, and sash and door products. Is the business profitable?

You are required to provide all the financial trend analysis and historical financial ratios to support your answer. Butler Lumber Company is well in general financially. By looking at the sales and asset growth, the company is able to gain more in terms of sales especially since the company is run with few employees.

With additional employees, it is able to Butler lumber case its sales growth. Its credit terms also enable the business to increase it days in payables and its management of its inventory as a proportion of sales indicates a better management of inventory over years.

On the flip side of the coin, there might some ratios that might indicate otherwise such as ROA and profit margin. However, given its strategy, the profit margin decrease is largely justified. However, the numbers still indicates good ability to pay off debt in case of liquidation and still remains healthy.

Similarly, in terms of gearing and leverage, its numbers had been increasing however, given that Butler Lumber is in a growing business, it largely reasonable for Butler Lumber to increase its debt as a proportion of its assets. So then why has Mr Butler had to borrow so much money?

Butler can meet its expected sales without additional funding. Asset conversion is about financing short-term seasonal build-ups of working assets or financing other temporary, transactional build-ups of current assets.

In this case, Butler is facing issues due to growth of sales along with increasing average collection period. Inthe days in payables turnover had increased from Additionally, the increased from payables is due to increase in slower payment and increased purchases.

This is followed by increased in inventory due to reduced inventory turnover and increased sales. Trade credit is a good source of financing for Butler Lumber Company, given the high proportion of account receivables on its balance sheet.

Additionally, the growth in its account receivables over the years, it is imperative to consider trade financing as a source of financing. However, it should note that while it may seems like a good option, it may not be optimal as Butler Lumber have to give substantial discounts at expense of growing sales.

Being in the market as one which been successful through price competition, it may not be wise to consider trade credit as a first option. Alternatively, Butler Lumber can look at getting trade credit with its suppliers instead.

As Butler Lumber is getting bigger, it would enable Butler to have a better bargaining power and at the same time, reduce the expense needed to service the loans. How would you try to control risks?

Fundamentally, Butler Lumber is a growing company and it seems wise to look at getting a bigger line of credit in order to support it growth story. This will require additional working capital to meet its current obligations to his lenders and suppliers.

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Furthermore, the debt would be carried at a more favourable rate. Hence, considering this and the other financial of Butler, loan should be given out. The cash shortage is short-term problem and that the underlying business is sound and his references and credit history are favorable.

Butler lumber case

However, there are some areas of concern that should be monitored as a condition of the loan. Additionally, the inventory turnover is decreasing, tying up too much cash, and exacerbating the shortage of working capital.

More effort needs to be spent on inventory management, making sure there is not a growing amount of stagnant inventory, and that the mix is correct for the intended market. What should Mr Butler do?

Butler should consider improving its cash flow by both offering trade credits to its customers and the same time negotiate with its suppliers to offer trade credits in order to improve both its account receivables and payables. By doing so, it is able to utilize amount of loan for other purposes such as financing for long-term assets.

However, caution should be exercised when extending trade credit since the cost of such trade credits may exceed the cost of borrowing.Statement of firm’s position Butler Lumber Company is looking for more cash due to a fast-paced lumber market and a shortage of funding. Their regular bank, Suburban National Bank, is not willing to expand their exiting loan to an amount greater than $, without securing the loan with real property.

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Butler Lumber Co. Case Solution,Butler Lumber Co. Case Analysis, Butler Lumber Co. Case Study Solution, Butler Lumber Company is faced with the need to increase funding for the bank in connection with its rapid sales growth and low profitability.

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