Btec unit 2 computer system

Configuration The configuration within the network management usually tends to be associated with the layout of the network, and the devices that are connected within the network also — the topology of the network plays a big role in this, as it needs to be configured in a way to suit the company so that all devices can communicate efficiently for the purpose of the business. As well as the topology, the configuration also needs to be applied to the application software on the network, so that the likes of user folders and other aspects specific to the company all work correctly on the network, and in the office — things such as anti-virus software and firewall all needs to be configured on the network to prevent the company from being under attack from harmful things. If any changes are made to any of the configurations however it should be documented by the user who made the changes. This is because if it is not documented then no one will know the current status of the configuration, which will cause a lot of confusion and stress to try and find it out.

Btec unit 2 computer system

Improving the system can be important as it prevents the system from crashing and will allow it to maximise performance.


Hardware Improvements When using outdated or broken components, improving the computer by adding new components or replacing old ones will allow the computer system to be operate faster. Increase Hard Drive Capacity The computer system that was used has a very small amount of storage space GB on their hard drive so an additional or new hard drive could be added to the computer to improve its storage capacity.

Adding another hard drive would be beneficial as it would allow for more storage space on the computer — the user can have more programs and documents on their computer.

Similarly, a larger hard drive would also speed up the performance of the computer.

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There are two types or hard drive that could be added to the computer — internal or external. It has two GB platters that can be accessed at speeds of RPM and the disk delivers high performance and lower power consumption.

Btec unit 2 computer system

The large storage capacity of the disk allows for more programs and files to be stored on the computer. It can hold up to 2 terabytes of data Btec unit 2 computer system uses a USB 3.

The hard drive also comes with a power management feature which manages energy efficiency; a performance management system also optimises performance.

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Overall, this external hard drive provides fast, portable access to large amounts of data and can be used as a backup device for the computer. With 2GB, the computer cannot load many processes, this means the computer will be slower when loading and running programs.

Increasing the RAM capacity of the computer will allow for more processes to be loaded into the computer at faster speeds. Increasing the RAM will also increase the speed at which the computer boots up and functions.

It has a speed of MHz which is faster than the current speed of RAM in the computer so will improve the computer systems performance. Software Improvements Like hardware, software can be replaced with newer versions or deleted if it is not needed.

Updating software allows for better system performance and means the programs the user needs are more useful. Upgrading software improves the computer by fixing any bug issues with the program which stops the computer from slowing down.

The new version of the program also has better stability and increased performance. Having the latest version of application software also means that the user will have more features available to them which can help improve their interaction with computer.

In some updates, the program will have been adapted to deal with new viruses and security threats. Upgrade Operating System to Latest Version Similarly, upgrading the operating system can cause a significant improvement on a computer system.

By upgrading the operating system a computer system can benefit greatly from more features, better security, more compatible hardware and software components and more stability. Having more features will make the computer easier to manage, more secure and provide a better GUI environment for the user.

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Similarly, most hardware and software components will be optimised for use with newer operating systems so may not perform well in the computer system. Upgrading to a newer Windows OS typically requires the user to pay for the new version of the operating — a discounted price tends to be offered for anyone already using Windows.

With Windows 8, upgrading to Windows 8. In this specific computer system, upgrading the operating system to Windows 8 or 8.

Btec unit 2 computer system

It would provide better security than Windows 7 and the interface is easier to use. Furthermore, Windows 8 is much cheaper than previous versions and still has support whereas Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7.

Finally, Windows 8 operates much faster than 7 — it starts up faster and is able to communicate better with the processor and other components in the computer. Carry Out Regular Routine Maintenance Task s To improve the system, routine maintenance tasks should be carried out more frequently.

This would improve the system by ensuring that the computer is well organise and there are emergency procedures in place in case the computer crashes or breaks. There are numerous benefits to carrying out routine maintenance tasks such as files being easy to find in a directory with appropriately named folders; unnecessary data and information does not take up storage on the data and allows for more important data to be kept on the system; the computer can be restored from a backup if it crashes or the hard drive is damaged; and dirt does not impede the functioning of critical components within the computer and allows it operate at greater speeds.

Carrying out routine maintenance tasks does not cost the user any money unless they need to replace components within the computer or they need to buy a device to put their backups on e.Module Name. Scope. Building Construction Technology.

This unit is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge in building construction. Successful functions of a Quantity Surveyor require a sound fundamental knowledge and thorough understanding of the composition of building elements and their construction methods.

part of the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Information Technology which i delivered to level 3 students, pack contains all resources that i used including assignments. Unit 2 Computer systems programs needed to manage a computer system. This unit looks at the options computer they should buy?

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