Brand identity facets of brands uniqueness

They must also have character, their own beliefs, and as a result help consumers in their life, and also in discovering their own identity.

Brand identity facets of brands uniqueness

Brand identity facets of brands uniqueness

Self-image Reflection Successful brands manage to project a positive and coherent image into the minds of their consumers, which means that all of these six facets need to be carefully intertwined and aligned so that each contributes to establishing and maintaining brand essence.

All this has the purpose of strengthening the brand, and making it more recognisable and memorable, which will, in turn, result in creating a consistent, long-lasting impression of your name.

A powerful brand will have a positive brand image, and this will significantly affect its perceived quality, without which it would be virtually impossible to build customer loyalty and trust. Since fostering customer loyalty is pivotal in growing your business, it is clear that you need to master this marketing concept and work on establishing your brand identity.

Brand identity facets of brands uniqueness

You had better try and woo them into staying with you for keeps. Physique The first facet of the brand identity prism refers to the underlying physical characteristics of your brand.

Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism Explained & Defined

Its role is to shape and outline how the ideas and values behind your name will be incarnated and embodied, and which visual features they will have. In other words, the physique of a brand turns abstract and intangible characteristics into something visible. This helps consumers associate the company with a set of visual details and representations.

When you are thinking about how you would like your audience to perceive your brand, and what emotions you would want it to evoke, it is through the physique element that you can promote all these things.

For example, when we see an iPhone, the first things that come to mind are elegance, style, and aesthetics. Apple tried and succeeded in reflecting uniqueness, excellence, and visual appeal, which are its core values, through its products. As its name suggests, this element is about the character of a brand.

An imaginative way of explaining this concept would be to close your eyes and try to imagine your brand as a real, flesh and blood person, and describe it. Is it a man or a woman?

Is it laid-back and relaxed or professional and businesslike? How about their age and their level of education? All this can help you identify not only your brand personality but also your target audience which will be able to relate to it.

For example, Jaguar is a brand that has built its reputation on luxurious, high-end cars designed to attract people who want only the best quality, comfort, and the highest level of safety, and who can afford all that.

On the other hand, Jeep is a brand of sturdy, four-wheel cars for people who love adventures, nature, and challenges. The success of these two brands lies in the fact that they always deliver on their promises — a smooth, luxurious, high-class ride or an adrenaline-filled experience, respectively.

Famous brands also hire celebrities to endorse their products and lend them their own, personal aura. To express your brand personality, you can use a specific tone, attitude, style of writing, or colours. Coca-Cola uses its iconic typeface and a deep, red colour to communicate joy and happiness that the brand personifies.

Culture According to the brand prism concept, culture is the aspect that refers to the culture and values of the country from which the brand originates, and its demographics.Luxury and premium brands cultivate uniqueness; they prefer to be faithful to an identity rather than constantly worrying about being superior to an opponent.

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The organization’s identity may be compared, but like an artist, the brand is not managed by seeking to compare itself to others. A strong brand identity helps the audience differentiate you from your competitors and can positively influence their purchasing decisions, directly impacting your profitability.

But there are several myths and misconceptions that small business owners believe that can get in their way of developing a strong brand identity. Brand identity is increasingly important. More than half of shoppers (64%) build relationships with brands because of shared values. As customers put more importance on that, and less on price, retailers have an opportunity to distinguish themselves from competitors.

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