Bank robbery story essay

Good Money Drives out Bad?

Bank robbery story essay

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Instructions 1 Pairs - past question forms Students read gapped text A or B and prepare questions from prompts to find missing information They then ask a partner who has read the other text. Students make questions from given answers. Give them minutes to prepare a story accounting for their movements at the time of the robbery with a partner.

Emphasize that the students are each other's alibi - they will stay they were together at the time of the robbery. One of the pair leaves the room while the class questions the remaining student. They then change places and the student who was outside comes in to be questioned by the class while the first student leaves the room.

Bank robbery story essay

If their stories are the same, they are innocent; if there are any differences, they are guilty. Tips Set a time limit for each interrogation - about minutes. Prompt students as to the kind of the questions they can ask - refer to the dialogue completed earlier.

Concept check instructions carefully - this is a complex activity - especially for lower levels.Vocabulary for P5 students to write the picture story about a bank robbery (PLE 5B Chapter 5 pg. 43) Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

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Great Train Robbery mastermind Gordon Goody dies in Spain aged 86 Great Train Robbery mastermind Gordon Goody, 86, dies of a heart attack at his home in Spain. Geronimo bank robbery, Geronimo OK, , resulted in the deaths of three bank employees and one customer FBI Miami shootout, deadly shootout between FBI and two bank robbers North Hollywood shootout, , deadly shootout between local law enforcement and two bank robbers.

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Bank robbery story essay

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