Attention getter for an essay

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Attention getter for an essay

Quote not from research; save those for the body Question Startling Statistic The US prison population in was 6, Inthe prison population rose to 7,, a whopping If we continue at this rate, the prison population in will be an astronomical 9, Actually, there are several startling statistics in this paragraph, but each one is more startling than the previous, concluding with the most shocking.

She got out of her car to take a closer look, and a shiver shot down her spine. By Edwin Dobb Narrative stories paint vivid images for the reader, as this great attention grabber does. History InPresident Bill Clinton signed into law legislation that would make it easier for states to track down fathers who fail to make their child support payments.

The problem of deadbeat dads is larger than most people suspect. History can take the form of legal, social, medical or political background information.

In the example above, we immediately understand what the problem is, and our interest is piqued.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. King first uttered these words? Historical quotes save research quotes for the body of your paper are an effective way to draw the reader into your essay.

Attention getter for an essay

Posing a provocative question to your audience that inspires interest and concern is a great way to get the reader thinking about your topic.

Rhetorical questions arouse curiosity in readers by encouraging them to try to answer the question posed.

Final Thoughts The purpose of the introduction is to inform the audience, make the reader understand the topic, and then to agree, or at least be receptive, to the thesis.

Your topic will most likely guide you in choosing which type of hook works best in your introduction. Always consider who your audience is and choose the one that would best appeal to that group. From Paragraph to Essay Advertisements.When writing essays one must pay attention to overall essay structure, paragraph structure and sentence structure.

While these may seem complicated at first, the patterns involved are easy to learn and provide a useful checklist for ensuring a well-crafted essay.

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Attention Getter For Essays Here we've compiled a list matching the top essays in our database against " attention getter for essays ". Whether your project or assignment is for school, personal use or business purposes our team works hard in providing % royalty free essay .

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Attention Getter Examples. Using a quote as an attention-getter can lend credibility to your essay.

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For example, you could find a quote by an expert on your essay's topic and use it to support your thesis. Jul 18,  · An "attention getter," also known as an "attention grabber," "hook," or "hook sentence," refers to the first sentences of an essay and is always found in the introductory paragraph.

It consists of an intriguing opening that is designed to grab your reader's ashio-midori.coms:

4 Easy Ways to Write an Attention Getter (with Pictures)