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Grow 6 Mantras for Business Success These six mantras help keep me focused, and help keep my business sailing along, no matter what the day brings. Some have more to do with business, and others are more about the personality and mindset I need to bring to the business.

Article winning mantra

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Yathaa mantre tathaa gurau. Yathaa gurau tathaa svaatmanyevam. And that Guru is me. In those days, I was a flamboyant personality and had always lived life the way I want to.

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Those were also the beginning days of my career, however, due to my arrogance I refused a lucrative Bank Officer job, after receiving the posting orders.

So refused to accept that job. My Mother almost fainted at my decision. However, my destiny had thought otherwise and had mercilessly started showing me the true colors of life. As a result of that erratic decision, that day, I, as a jobless person, had to see enormous sarcasm from friends; rejection from family, dejection from life; and despair from all the corners of the world.

Suddenly, I have started seeing gloom and darkness all around me. All the innovative business plans, that I have enthusiastically designed to earn big money on my own, have bombed on my face.

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Finally, one day, I ended up as a penniless guy more so a guy with many uncleared loans. There was literally no way out for me that time. Everything I attempted to do in life had just bombed.

People were scared of me. However, despite rejection from everyone and from almost everything in life, I have never stopped my duties towards God; never stopped my daily puja; and never stopped my daily transcendental meditation that I have started at a very young age of sixteen.

Today, you may be surprised to know but in those days, while in meditation, I used to sit in a frozen state for almost an hour, everyday. On many occasions, I also had many amazing experiences. I used to see a great divine light, in front of my field of vision, while I would be in that nischala Dhyana Mudra.

However, I had never related my daily puja to my day to day problems. I never tried to link them both. In fact, they have increased with every passing day. However, though very young, I never regretted my decision of refusing a lucrative bank job.

Article winning mantra

More over, I was very confident about myself more so in my ability to build a career of my own in my future. It was exactly during that dark period of my life, someone — as though sent by Lord Sri Venakteswara Himself — had told me about this Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra.Team-work, the Winning Mantra!, recent article from Sportstar Magazine December 31, Usually, a review of a tournament serves as a reminder of individual excellence in competition but Harendra Singh, the coach, has repeatedly stressed that he has not created players, he has made a team.

Great Job! I’ve got a chunk of money I’ve been looking to invest, so this article was right up my alley. I like the idea of investing in dividend paying funds that will eventually provide an income stream to pay the monthly bills-genius. In a series of videos — the first of which seem like a dad figuring out how to use his camera phone for the first time — West talks about a myriad of things including mind control “You know.

Somehow winning at all costs became our mantra.

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It doesn’t matter what we have to do to win just as long as we win. When I was a kid, any field or grassy lot would do as a baseball or football.

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Patricia Carrington’s award winning meditation technique CSM (Clinically Standardized Meditation) is a clinically sensitive meditation method developed by the Medical Department of New York Telephone Company and used by numerous medical .

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