A story about how a young man saw his image in his grandfather

Write a scene or story involving a grandfather. Write for fifteen minutes.

A story about how a young man saw his image in his grandfather

Letters is often regarded as a pioneer of Confucianism, and he certainly showed the characteristics of a Confucian gentleman: He thoughtfully declined the rule of the kingdom several times. People could not find the suitable words to admire his lofty deeds. He realized that his father had the intention of crowning the third son but was reluctant to express this.

When his father was seriously ill, Tai Po took the second brother and hid in the remote mountains in the south, where they founded the Wu State. The exemplary sage was nobody but Letters, whose name Jizha literally means the fourth brother named Letters.

Because of his virtue, both his father and the eldest brother reached a consensus that the throne should be left to Letters, who insisted that the first brother should be the right person for the throne.

He courteously hid in the mountains, and the first brother became the next king. The first brother left a formal order when he died several years later: Let us hand the throne from brother to brother according to seniority instead of handing from father to son.

In this way, it will eventually reach Letters as our father had wished. He then became the next king. Once back at home, Letters did not condemn the cruelty of this coup but went directly to pay respect to the assassinated king, his nephew, at the tomb.

He shed tears profusely.

A story about how a young man saw his image in his grandfather

Confucius went and observed the funeral. The story of Letters and Tai Po shows that the Chinese system of primary society still relied on honour, public opinion, or so-called virtue to stabilize the society against various aggressive and goal-oriented forces.

Both Confucius and Letters were fond of the arts: It was beyond any doubt that Confucius was deeply influenced by Letters, especially in the arts.

A story about how a young man saw his image in his grandfather

Letters remains as the first art critic in Chinese history. Since State Lu was rich in the cultural traditions of the Western Chou dynasty, Letters thanked his host for showing him a series of performance of the Chou Music.

He was apparently well trained and talented in arts, showing extraordinary understanding.

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He gave insightful comments after each piece of music had been performed. The performance was carried out roughly in the same order as the poems appear in the current version of the Book of Poetry.

As in the Book of Poetry, poems were grouped according to the states where they were collected. The following was only some of his comments to serve as an example.

It shows the foundation of the Chou dynasty had been laid down but everything had just begun and so was in their rudimentary stages. But through the music is reflected the feelings of the people. We know that the people expressed only diligence but no grievance. From the music, I could sense the worry and anxiety of the people but they showed no fear.

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It should be after the Chou dynasty had moved to the new Eastern Capital. The music was so sonorous and deep, and it reflects the style of a big state. Who set up this example for the coast areas?Robert Tyre Jones IV, Bobby Jones's grandson, isn't a member of Augusta National but he is devoted to the truth and memory of his legendary grandfather.

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At C.W. Bill Young's funeral, there was an unscripted mention of his children from his first marriage. Now, that family tells its story. Chuang Tzu written by You-Sheng Li This page is devoted to stories of Lao Tzu, Confucius and others who laid down the philosophical foundation for Chinese culture more than two thousand years ago.

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